Special Offer: Poetry


This package includes three poetry collections: they are Towards the End by Ali Alizadeh, Homer Street by Laurie Duggan and Family Trees by Michael Farrell.

Normally valued at $72, this translation bundle is offered at $48 (postage is free within Australia). 


Towards the End

Ali Alizadeh

Ali Alizadeh’s new collection presents the contemporary world as broken and dying, a world that is moving irreversibly towards collapse as well as rebirth. Towards the End may be described as a fusion of social satire, gothic dystopia and historical materialism, interwoven with autobiographical reflection.


Homer Street

Laurie Duggan

A leading figure in Australian poetry, Laurie Duggan has been long celebrated for his vividly sensed observations of everyday life and his minimal and urbane style. This new collection includes sequences made up of the brief haiku-like poems that Duggan has made his own: fleeting impressions, evocations of mood and memory, suburban topographies with their sudden shifts in perspective, glimpses which hint at a larger order of things.


Family Trees

Michael Farrell

The poems in Michael Farrell’s Family Trees operate according to a queer and inclusive logic, which binds humans, animals, objects, plants and concepts in familial relationships. construct ancestries and genealogies. A phrase, a detail, an object can act like a hinge, sending them in a hundred directions. Anything can be a twig (or bud or leaf or fruit) on Farrell’s family trees.