Not Finding Wittgenstein

J.S. Harry



The poems in Not Finding Wittgenstein feature Peter Henry Lepus, British-born, but of Creole origins, and moreover, a rabbit.
‘Provoked into trying to use his mind’, Peter Henry searches the world for philosophers, conversing with Wittgenstein in Antarctica and Bertrand Russell in Japan, and somewhat onesidedly, with ‘Chairman Miaow’ under moonlight.
In the sequence ‘Iraq, 2003’, set during and after the invasion by coalition forces, he falls in with A.J. Ayer and J.L. Austin, story-hunting journalists, ancestor-seekers of various species, and a camel that looks after Number One.

‘The further Harry seems from taking horror and extremity seriously, the more the poem insists that, while language can never intercept an incoming missile, it can light up a moral scene as nothing else can… For me she is the most arresting poet working in Australia today.’ – PETER PORTER


Print ISBN : 978-1-920882-20-4
pp : 238pp
Published : June 2007


About the Author

JS Harry
J.S. Harry’s collections of poetry include The Life on Water and the Life Beneath, Selected Poems, which won the 1996 Kenneth Slessor Award for Poetry, and Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow. Notable for its intellect and wit, her poetry speaks with cool humour, and a humane and balanced candour.


Sydney Morning Herald


Winner, 2008, of The Age Book of the Year in the Poetry category