Vanessa Berry



In the last decade of the twentieth century, when music was recorded on cassettes and movies on VHS, Vanessa Berry was responding to the loneliness of life in the suburbs of Sydney by constructing imaginary worlds and identities from late-night music video programs, band T-shirts, mix-tapes and and the ‘dark energy’ of goth. Written and illustrated by one of Australia’s foremost zine-makers, Ninety 9 is a memoir about adolescence, its cherished objects, its magical places and, above all, its friendships –a personal guide to the end of the millennium for those who were too young to be there, and an intimate history, full of moments of recognition, for those who were.


Print ISBN : 978-1-922146-32-8
Epdf ISBN : 978-1-922146-35-9 
Epub ISBN : 978-1-922146-34-2 
pp : 160
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August 2013

About the Author

Vanessa Berry is a Sydney writer and artist who works with history, memory and archives. She is the author of the memoir Ninety 9 (Giramondo 2013), the essay collection Strawberry Hills Forever (Local Consumption 2007), and the zine I Am a Camera (1999–2017). Since 2012 she has been writing the blog Mirror Sydney, on which this book is based, exploring the city’s marginal places and undercurrents. Her zines and hand-drawn maps have been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Australia and the Museum of Sydney.