Invisible Yet Enduring Lilacs



This collection of essays leads the reader into the curious and eccentric imagination of Gerald Murnane, one of the masters of contemporary Australian writing, author of the classic novel The Plains, and winner of the Patrick White Literary Award.

Delicately argued, and finely written, they describe his dislocated youth in the suburbs of Melbourne and rural Victoria in the 1950s, his debt to writers as unlike as Adam Lindsay Gordon, Marcel Proust and Jack Kerouac, his obsession with racehorses and grasslands and the Hungarian language, and above all, his dedication to the worlds of significance that lie within, or just beyond, the familiar details of Australian life.


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August 2005

Gerald Murnane was born in a northern suburb of Melbourne in 1939. He spent part of his childhood in country districts of Victoria, moved back to the suburbs of Melbourne in 1949, and has never since left. He is the author of seven books of fiction, including Tamarisk Row, The Plains, Inland, Landscape with Landscape and Velvet Waters.

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