HEAT 3 is strong on poetry, and includes new poems by Charles Simic, Selima Hill, Peter Porter, Gig Ryan, Adam Aitken and Dorothy Porter, Jennifer Maiden's poetic meditation “The Case of the Dalmatian Diamond”, Diane Fahey's rewriting of the Brothers Grimm; Fay Zwicky's tribute to the late Allen Ginsberg, “Groundswell for Ginsberg”, and Kris Hemensley's discussion of his debt to British poetry.

The introductory essay to La Vitesse de libĂ©ration, a new work by Paul Virilio, the French philosopher of the new “spaces”, is presented in a translation by Julie Rose; there is a feature on the Greek Nobel Laureate Odysseas Elytis, with an essay on his work by Vrasidas Karalis, and translations by Karalis and Antigone Kefala; Diana Conroy offers a lyrical account of the excavation of Aphrodite's theatre at Paphos; and Simon Petch focusses on Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song in a discussion of the relationship between literature and the law. In his essay “My Mother's House”, John Hughes presents a fitting sequel to his “Essay on Forgetting” in HEAT1.

In fiction, Brian Castro's Nightsafe Area presents a dramatic monologue spoken by a crippled Vietnamese immigrant who haunts the stations of the city's underground, and Anna Couani provides the second instalment of her serial novel The Western Horizon.

ILLUSTRATION: Pete Spence, From “Abregement: An Essay”, HEAT 3.

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