Luminous Gerberas




Jess Huon – The Leopard Story

Catherine McNamara – The Coptic Bride


Craig McGregor – Repentance Creek

Marion Halligan – A Family Bible

Conrad Del Villar – The Last Local Heroes

Mireille Juchau – The Bone of my Side, Alive

John Mateer – The Holy Spirit Of Elsewhere

Stephanie Trigg – I’ve Written My Talk

ZoĆ« Sadokierski – Word and image in contemporary fiction

Hugo Bowne-Anderson Thomas – Pynchon and mathematics


Vivienne Shark LeWitt – Comedies & Proverbs


Niobe Syme, Anthony Lawrence, Judy Johnson, Rose Lucas, Tara Mokhtari, Fiona Wright, Lachlan Brown, Michael Farrell, Anna Couani, Derek Motion, Nathan Shepherdson, Sam Byfield, Andrew Slattery

Luminous Gerberas

HEAT 15 – New series

ISSN: 1326-1460

ISBN : 978 1 920882 37 2
pp : 240
Published : 2007

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