A Cave, A Palm Tree, A Mountain, A Source

The cover of HEAT 12 features a quote from St Paul, defining the four elements essential for spiritual contemplation in desert places. The themes of contemplation, and of reduced circumstances, can be traced in many directions in this issue, which features contemporary writing from Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the US and South America, on subjects as diverse as religion and photography, age and poverty, ruins and literary periodicals, love and cultural theory.

Helen Garner, On Being Bad at Reading the Bible
Gustaf Sobin, City of God
Antigone Kefala , Journal II
Abbas El-Zein, Time's Arrow
Nathaniel Tarn, Small Where Space Is Not
Carolyn Burke, Lee Miller in Hitler's Bathtub
David Brooks, Camera Obscura
Ursula Krechel, Fake Dismay
Peter Marks, On the Literary Periodical

Igor Gelbak, On Summer and Winter Poverty
Linden Hyatt, The Dancing Child
Peter Seeberg, Three Stories
Anna Couani, The Western Horizon Ch 11

Robert Gray Fay Zwicky August Kleinzahler Judith Beveridge Daisy Zamora Anthony Lawrence Javant Biarujia Gig Ryan Myron Lysenko berni m. janssen Vera Newsom B.R. Dionysius Catriona O'Reilly Peter Boyle

Of Geoffrey Hartman, Dmitris Tsaloumas, Dorothy Porter, Thomas Kinsella and many more

Image at right:
Javant Biarujia, first ofThree Gakai

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