Burnt Ground



Alberto Manguel – Argentina, December 2001
Murray Bail – I Am: On Colin McCahon
Hugh Craig – Shakespeare and Print
Natasha Cho – from Yellow is the New Black
Hannah Fink – Strange Things: On Bronwyn Oliver
Madeleine Byrne – Sex and the West: On Michel Houellebecq
Jill Hellyer – A Certain Grieving


Maria Zajkowski, Dorothy Porter, Anna Jackson, Ken Bolton, Emma Neale, Kate Middleton, Barry Hill, Bronwyn Lea, Peter Skrzynecki, Alex Skovron, Jane Williams, Norman Talbot, Christopher Bonney, Jean Kent, Tom Shapcott


Alai – Fish!
Eva Sallis – Flight
Noëlle Janaczewska – Minnie Mouse Redraws the Line
Lisa Jacobson – Walking on Water
Jess Huon – The Invisible Boy
Siddhartha Deb – Nothing Visible
Etgar Keret – Moral Tales


John Wolseley – Bushfire Journals

Burnt Ground
HEAT 04 – New Series
ISSN: 1326-1460

ISBN : 0 9578311 4 5
pp : 239
Published : 2002
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