Jane Gibian



Jane Gibian is one of Australia's most promising poets, and Ardent is her first major collection.

Exhibiting a range of poetic forms, including free verse, haiku, tanka and the pantoum, Gibian's poems throw a sharp focus on, and draw maximum resonance from, small or fleeting details.

Many engage with foreign places, particularly Vietnam, and with the experience of negotiating different cultures and languages. Her poetry has a certain restraint, but can also be hard-hitting and ironic when least expected.


Print ISBN : 978-1-920882-26-6
pp : 86 pp
Published : August 2007


About the Author

Jane Gibian
Jane Gibian is the author of two poetry books, The Body’s Navigation (1998) and long shadows (2005). In 2002 she was awarded an Asialink Literature Residency in Hanoi. She works as a librarian and ESL teacher.