An illustrated history of dairies



Joanne Burns’s strongest collection yet offers a range of styles, from condensed narratives which tilt towards film, airport novels and science fiction, to poems in prose that read like personal or reflective essays, to short elliptical verses, almost haiku, which open the details of domestic or city life to large and dramatic perspectives.

Her poems are often comic: but darker tones infiltrate their private and public landscapes. The surreal quality of their imagery, and Burns’s often oblique line of attack, take the reader to “a dairy at the edge of the mind” unlike any dairy with real cows one is ever likely to encounter.


Print ISBN : 978-1-920882-22-8
pp : 112
October 2007

Joanne Burns is a writer of poetry, prose poems, short fictions and monologues. Her most recent collection footnotes of a hammock, was joint winner of the 2005 ACT Arts Judith Wright Award. Her work has been widely published, taught in high schools, broadcast on radio and television, and performed for theatre.

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Shortlisted for the 2008 NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Poetry