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Welcome to the joanne burns: Online Archive! Here you will find reviews, articles, audio/visual media and links to academic essays and other resources to complement your reading of burn’s work.

About the poet

joanne burns’ most recent books are brush (Giramondo 2014), winner of the 2016 NSW Premier’s Kenneth Slessor Award for Poetry, an illustrated history of dairies, shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Poetry Award, amphora and footnotes of a hammock, which was joint winner of the Judith Wright ACT Poetry Prize,. Her poems are studied in high schools and have been produced for radio and theatre.

Interviews with Joanne Burns

Another Kind of Feminism – interviewer Rae Desmond Jones – Makar 13.3 /1978 – pp. 3-9

The Impulse of the Times – interviewer Bernard Cohen – Australian Book Review No:143 August 1992

4 Australian Poets [profile/interview] – interviewer Sandra McGrath – Vogue Australia February 1975 – p 64

Shelf Life – interviewer Rachael Morley – Shelf Life 2 Episode 26 /2011 – TVS/University of Western Sydney

Photo Gallery

* late 1940s – Bondi promenade (Mac’s Photo Service)

* 1961 – Joanne Burns at school  [J.Reilly – commercial photographer]

* 1970 – Off to Greece: Joanne Burns’ first passport photo [photographer unknown]

* 1971 – Portugal photo (Jacques Bierling/Harry Lourandos)

* Early 1980s – Joanne Burns reading at the Art Gallery of NSW

* Circa 1990 – Joanne Burns at Elizabeth Bay [photographer  – Loma Bridge]

* 2004 – “Mouth to Mouth’ Government House launch (both photos courtesy of the Goethe Institute)

* 2004 – on the couch – Loma Bridge

Essays and Articles on Joanne Burns

Commentary on joanne burns – A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Australian Poetry – Geoff Page UQP 1995 pp35-6

A literary biography of joanne burns – Margaret Bradstock – Australian Writers 1950 -1975

  1. Selina Samuels – Gale Research, Detroit MI USA 2004 pp 36-42

Humour and the Imaginative Journey : joanne burns’ ‘mere anarchy’ – Margaret Bradstock Five Bells V.14 No.1 2006 pp 13-15

Straight through the Page – ‘aerial photography’ joanne burns – Louise Wakeling – mETAphor journal [English Teachers Association] Issue 2/ April 2002 pp 31-3

joanne burns’ poem ‘footnotes of a hammock’ – Cultural and Poetic Responses to Australian Poems – Louise Wakeling Five Bells V.13 No.3 Winter 2006 pp 13-15

The Humour of joanne burns – Margaret Bradstock – Humour in Poetry issue Five Bells V.11 No.2 Autumn 2004 pp 13-15

Launch speech for ‘an illustrated history of dairies’ Giramondo Publishing – Hazel Smith October 2007 [with permission]

Extracts from launch speech for ‘amphora’ Giramondo Publishing – Greg McClaren June 2011   [with permission]

Links to video resources

YouTube video of joanne burns reading at Poems to Share – Red Room Company event – Sydney Writers Festival 2011

YouTube video of joanne burns reading on The Wordshed Episode 5 – The Red Room Company, in partnership with Writing and Society Research Group University of Western Sydney, and TVS Broadcasting 2006

Links to audio resources

Lyrikline – Berlin – joanne burns reading, text of poems and literary profile – translation of some poems into German, Persian –

Link here

The Poetry Archive – UK – poems: text and audio, with literary profile

Link here

The Poetry Foundation – USA – poems: text and audio, with brief literary profile

Link here

A Pod of Poets – Poetica – ABC Radio National

Audio download of joanne burns reading, and transcripts of poems with some commentary

Link here

Articles, Papers and Statements by Joanne Burns

Writing from Life – Southerly V.56 No.4 /1996-7 – pp 78-82

Space Dust [on use of prose poem] – Poetry and Gender ed. Brooks & Walker – University of Queensland Press 1989 – pp 28-9

The Poetics of Anger – ed. transcript of paper given at Anger in Australian Culture Conference – Australian Author V.22 No.4 Summer 1991 – pp16-17

poem is in the prose [the prose poem] – The English Teacher [Ashton Scholastic?] May 1994

Wit, Wisdom and the Vernacular – panel paper Australian Poetry Festival 2008 – Five Bells journal V.15-16 No. 4/1 Spring Summer 2008 – pp 66-9

Mouthing Off [ on use of the monologue] – Scarp journal – University of Wollongong – No.23/1993 pp 24-6

Not Another Poem – how poets work feature – Five Bells journal Vol.11 No. 3/Winter 2004 pp 36-7

pits – a response to ‘why do you write poetry’ feature – ed. Adam Ford – Going Down Swinging website blog May 2013

a statement on joanne burns’ use of the lower case in Heroines – a Contemporary Anthology of Australian Women Writers ed. Dale Spender Penguin 1991 pp 401-2

Suddenly it’s cool to doff your caps [includes comments by joanne burns on use of lower case] – Kelly Burke – Sydney Morning Herald 18.10.1995

what a capital idea! [includes comments by joanne burns on use of lower case] – Fast Forward ed. Cassie McCullagh – Good Weekend SMH 12.11.1994

What a Difference a Dot Makes : Poetry and Punctuation – Practical Poetics ed. Ron Pretty Five Islands Press 2003

Over the Page – a ‘poetic’/ prose poem essay – Australian Book Review No. 176 November 1995 pp 36-9