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About the author

Gerald Murnane was born in Melbourne in 1939. He is the author of ten works of fiction. Of these, Tamarisk Row (2008), Inland (2013)Barley Patch (2009), A History of Books (2012), A Million Windows (2014) and Landscape With Landscape (2016), and a collection of essays, Invisible Yet Enduring Lilacs (2005), have been published by Giramondo. He is a recipient of the Patrick White Literary Award, the Melbourne Prize for Literature, the Adelaide Festival Literature Award for Innovation, and an Emeritus Fellowship from the Literature Board of the Australia Council. He has never left the state of Victoria.

Murnane on Murnane

The Age Monthly Review: ‘Title to Be Announced’ by Gerald Murnane (December 1988)

Meanjin, v.45, no.4, Dec 1986: 514-517: ‘Why I write what I write’ – Revised version of a talk given by Gerald Murnane at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival (October 1986)

Meanjin 53.2: ‘New Blades for Old’ by Gerald Murnane (1994)

Academic articles on Murnane and his work

Southerly 55.3: ‘Indefinite Desires: Love and the Search for Truth in the Fiction of Gerald Murnane’ by Nicholas Birns (1995)

New Literatures Review 18: ‘Gerald Murnane and the Power of Landscape’ by Nicholas Birns (1989)

Australian Studies 15.2: ‘May in September : Australian Literature as Anglophone Alternative’ by Nicholas Birns (2000)

Interviews with Murnane

Gerald Murnane on A Million Windows

Gerald Murnane interviewed by Ivor Indyk, Goroke, Victoria 23 June, 2014. Produced with the support of the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

The Age:

‘A lifetime Journey into the geographies of the soul’ by Julie Szego (14/11/2009)

Meridian 7.2:

‘Inland with Gerald Murnane: An Interview’ by Sue Gillett (October 1988)

Going Down Swinging:

‘Gerald Murnane Interview’ by Kevin Brophy & Myron Lysenko (10/11/1990)

Australian Book Review 172:

‘An Interview with Gerald Murnane’ by Ramona Koval (1995)


SMH: ‘An obsessive imagination’ by Susan Wyndham (16/10/2005)

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New York Review of Books: ‘The Quest for the Girl from Bendigo Street’ by J.M. Coetzee (December 20, 2012)

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Books by Murnane

Articles on Murnane

Australian Magazine: ‘Fractured Prose’ by Barry Oakley (19-20/11/1994)

Australian Literary Studies 15.4: ‘That Hilarious Supplement: Gerald Murnane’s “A Lifetime on Clouds”’ by Imre Salusinszky (1992)

Southerly 55.3: ‘The Newcastle Freeway Tapes’ by Imre Salusinszky (1995)

The Australian: ‘Strange Brew’ by Rosemary Neil (19-20/8/2006)

Kill your Darlings: ‘Gerald Murnane’s The Plains: An Alternative Australian Literature’ by Wayne Macauley (2012)

Australian Author, Vol. 44, No. 2: ‘Celebration: Gerald Murnane: Australian authors past and present.’ by Cyrill, Christopher (June 2012: 22-25)