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These Things Are Real

96 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published July 2017
ISBN 9781925336320

These Things Are Real

Alan Wearne

Wearne’s epics and fragments are like the traces of a ruined culture, in which everybody got to star in their own domestic drama or screwball romance. Until you realise that it’s happening, here and now: you are being waltzed around the living room of middle-class folklore.Bonny Cassidy

Australia’s finest verse satirist. Peter Pierce

Alan Wearne specialises in monologues and verse narratives. A young widow in post-war Melbourne fends off the approaches of her best friend’s husband; a retired femocrat recalls her lovelorn Maoist youth; a single mother falls into an abusive relationship with a drifting musician; a heroin addict is haunted by his dealer’s murder of a youth. Also included is ‘The Sarsaparilla Writer’s Centre’, a collection of satires on music, football, religion, politics, and poets.

About the Author

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Launch Speech: Joanne Burns on Wearne (PDF, 80KB)

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A note from Alan Wearne on These Things Are Real

Yes, poetry is an elitist pursuit, since not everyone can write it, nor can everyone read and enjoy it. Yet it is still the most democratic, maybe even anarchic of the written/spoken arts. Rarely beholden to any writers centre/book club/festival/market place, we truly can write as we please, and if readers have to meet us some of the way and adjust…so be it.

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