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Speculative fiction bundle

Pip Adam, Marcelo Cohen, Sheng Keyi

To celebrate the launch of The Speculate Prize we’re offering a special deal on some of our favourite genre-defying speculative writing from the Giramondo catalogue: Nothing to See by Pip Adam, Melodrome by Marcelo Cohen and Death Fugue by Sheng Keyi.

The women at the centre of Pip Adam’s uncanny new novel seem on the brink of disappearing altogether. Nothing to See asks what it means to seek relief when the fabric of reality is ready to come apart.

In Marcelo Cohen’s Melodrome a woman and her psychoanalyst cross an ethical boundary and are disgraced, losing everything. Following a fortuitous encounter, the pair set out in search of the famed leader of a spiritual cult, travelling across the Panoramic Delta, a futuristic world strangely like our own, but with its details altered in unexpected ways.

Sheng Keyi’s Death Fugue is scathing in its irony, elaborate in its use of allegory, and acute in its understanding of the power of writing. When Yuan Mengliu finds himself in an ideal society called Swan Valley he soon discovers that in this false utopia impulse and feeling are completely controlled, and every aspect of life is regulated, with explosive consequences.

Normally valued at $84.85 this bundle is offered at the special price of $70 (postage is free in Australia).

About the Authors

Pip Adam

Pip Adam is the author of three novels: Nothing to See, The New Animals, which won the Acorn Foundation Prize for Fiction, and I’m Working on a Building, as well as the short story collection Everything We Hoped For, which won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction.

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Marcelo Cohen

Marcelo Cohen (Buenos Aires, 1951) is a widely respected and highly innovative Argentinian novelist, who has invented a distinctively South American kind of speculative fiction. One of the most agile stylists writing in Spanish today, he is also an internationally renowned translator, critic and editor.

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Sheng Keyi

Sheng Keyi was born in Hunan province China in 1973 and now lives in Beijing. Death Fugue is her sixth and most recent novel, and the second, after Northern Girls, to be published in English translation. She has also written four collections of short stories. Highly regarded in China, her work has been translated into German, Korean, Japanese and Dutch.

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Introducing the Speculate Prize

The Speculate Prize is a new national award for an unpublished speculative fiction manuscript.

One winner will receive $5000 prize money, mentorship from Giramondo Publishing and a week-long residency at RMIT Culture’s McCraith House.

This biennial prize is aimed at writers who explore the expansive possibilities of literature. We wish to uncover and support writers who embrace new literary modes and extend the possibilities of the novel and short story form.

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