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Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 1996
ISSN 1326-1460


Edited by Ivor Indyk

In this issue the prize-winning Guyanese poet Fred D’Aguiar, the American nature writer Barry Lopez, the Peruvian short-story writer Miguel Guttiérez, and the Chinese poets Xi Chuan and Yi Sha are featured alongside Australian poets Rosemary Dobson, Les Murray, Robert Adamson, Rhyll McMaster and Alan Wearne, the Russian-Australian novelist Yuriy Mikhailik, whose novel The Great Fountain is excerpted here in translation, and two masters of the modern fictional parable, Gail Jones and David Brooks.

There are essays on a range of topics: Lesley Stern on smoking and Robert Rawdon Wilson on disgust; Carl Harrison-Ford surveys the work of the American poet William Bronk; Evelyn Juers discusses the figure of the colossus in writing by women; and lexicographer Gary Simes writes about the etymology of the word “root”.

Anna Couani embarks on the first chapter of her serial novel The Western Horizon, reviving an old publishing tradition with a modern twist; and Peter Boyle and Peter Lyssiotis offer “translations” of the poetry of Federico García Lorca in a special feature combining poetry with photomontage.


Anna Couani – The Western Horizon

Fred D’Aguiar – From Bill of Rights

Rosemary Dobson – Innocence, Lost

Evelyn Juers – Claiming the Colossus

Rhyll McMaster – Two Poems

Emma Lew – Afterlife

Vera Newsom – Sheep on a Hillside

Barry Lopez – A Literature of Place

Robert Adamson – Two Poems

Kris Hemensley – after Virgil, the Dispossessed

Martin Harrison – Yachts at Scotland Island

Les Murray – Bottles in the Bombed City

joanne burns – neighbourhood watch

David Brooks – The Château Noir

Gary Simes – Roots

Lesley Stern From Smoke Screen

Peter Boyle & Peter Lyssiotis – translations from Lorca

Robert R. Wilson – The Hydra’s Spoor

Xi Chuan – Two Poems (translated by Simon Patton)

Yi Sha – Four Poems – (translated by Ouyang Yu)

Moreno Casarrubios – The Short Story in Peru

Miguel Gutiérrez – A Tomb for Primorosa Villar (translated by Kylie Ritchie)

Alan Wearne – Of Love and its Anger

Gail Jones – Speaks Shadow

Felicity Plunkett – Poem

Bev Braune – Two Poems

Michael Hulse – For Dorle

Yuriy Mikhailik – From The Great Fountain (translated by Irene Ulman)

Carl Harrison-Ford – A Translation Almost Plausible

Poetry Review