Giramondo Publishing invites you
to the launch of Antigone Kefala’s

To be launched by Efi Hatzimanolis
on Thursday 6th October 2016
6 for 6:30 pm
The Shop Gallery, 112 Glebe Point Road, Glebe


Antigone Kefala is one of the finest Australian poets, highly regarded for the intensity of her vision, yet not widely known, on account of her minimalism, and the small number of poems she has published, each carefully worked, each magical or menacing in its effects. Of her memoir Sydney Journals one critic wrote, ‘Kefala can render the music of the moment so perfectly, she leaves one almost singing with the pleasure of it’. This skill in capturing the moment is just as evident in Fragments, with its linguistic precision, its heightened perception and sense of drama – though the territory is often darker now, as the poet navigates the liminal spaces between life and death, and the energies which lie in wait there.

Antigone Kefala has written four works of fiction, including The First Journey, The Island and Summer Visit, and four poetry collections, The Alien, Thirsty Weather, European Notebook and Absence: New and Selected Poems, as well as the non-fiction work Sydney Journals.

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